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reserve and a quarter of it, 25% would go into a one-time spending, the remainder could go into the city's general fund. so, it is a very difficult threshold because generally because property taxes are single largest revenue source even in the worst years in this past recession, our property tax, the worst it was, it was a little bit over flat, just a little bit of an increase, less than 1%, but because property taxes is our largest revenue, it's infrequent that our revenues in one year would be less than the actual amount received in the prior year. the budget may drop to 50% of what's left in the rainy day reserve but no more than the shortfall of general day
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revenue and additional withdrawal allowance to up to 25% of the reserve is -- can be done by the san francisco unified school district and it's based on an inflation adjusted per pupil revenue, so as ms. howard said earlier, we're not sure, we're assuming the school district will be able to draw from the rainy day reserve but they're getting a bump from the reserve from the state, but this particular formula is quite generous, and therefore, it's likely that they will still not be up to the level that's required by formula and they can withdraw, so they withdraw 25% of whatever's left each year so that amount gets smaller and smaller because we haven't been depositing into the reserve nor have we been with drawing over the next couple of years, it's like the school district will
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continue to withdraw until it's completed. >> supervisor mar? >> thank you, the school district faces i think it's a march 15 deadline for may not renew notices or layoff notices for teachers and i'm wondering, when do you think we'll know for sure whether the school district will be able to draw from the rainy day reserve? >> we are aware of that march 15th deadline and we are in discussions with the school district. we're going on the assumption now that the school district will be able to withdraw from the reserve and if not, then we will make that determination as soon as we know. it will depend on exactly how much money they get from the state. >> will it be before march 15th that that determination's made. >> we will do our best estimate so they are aware before those pink slips have to go out.
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>> so, where do we have in terms of -- what's our balance in the rainy day reserve now? i was looking, maybe i missed it. >> we haven't gotten to it yet, it is on a subsequent page. the budget stabilization reserve is our side by side reserve that was created dlu the financial policies through the board of supervisors and it was crafted so that we can continue to put away money in a reserve and be able to withdraw it a little more flexibly than a rainy day reserve allows, we cannot make changes to the rin nee day reserve without going to voters whereas this is locally sponsored and with two-thirds vote, we can make changes to the rules of this particular reserve. again, it augments the rainy day reserve, and its's a designated, mitigates some negative effects of down-turns or service requirements, 75 --
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so, the deposit rules are that 75% of certain revenues including property transfer taxes above the average of the last five years are deposited into this reserve, so if we have a very, very high year of property transfer tax, you hear the controller tell you year after year that these are volatile, we can't dountbacker count on them continuing, so 75% of that growth would be deposited into the stabilization reserve. withdrawals from the reserve are triggered in similar way as the rainy day reserve but they're spread over a three year horizon, we can withdraw up to one-third for each one of three consecutive years and the policy could be suspended for any given year by a two-thirds vote of the board, so here is the chart that you were looking for, supervisor farrell, in each of the years, we show what
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the balance is in the stabilization reserve, so you see that in the last three years, we have accumulated approximately 95 million dollars is projected, and then you can also see the rainy day reserve, the amounts that are left, so what is left in the rainy day reserve from the economic stabilization fund is the 23 million, so the school district can withdraw 25% of this number. >> and based upon our five-year plan and so forth, is there any projection that we will add to the rainy day reserve? >> no. >> alright. >> so, as i said earlier, we have two incentive reserves and these are codified in the administrative code that up to 25% of departments year-end savings can be carried forward and to use the funding, the cost savings strategies are
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other one-time expenses, and in this instance, the controller can suspend the use of this reserve for these purposes if we determine na the city's financial condition cannot support na. over the last number of years, the mayor's office has opted to use this reserve for a number of one-time uses including it and capital. and by year-end, we're anticipating about 19 million dollars will be left in this particular reserve to be used for next fiscal year one-time purposes. the recreation and park department is lucky enough to have an administrative code section, rather it's in the charter that allows them any excess revenue or expenditure savings can be carried forward within their own budget, again, to be used on one-time and we're anticipating about 7 million will remain in that
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particular reserve for recreation and park to be used next year. so, now baselines, there's a certain -- these are all determined by the charter, are voter approved and over the years, the voters have required that the city set aside a certain amount of our general fund revenues for particular purposes, the largest one is for muni mta, both in the area of the transit services and parking and traffic, so you see that this is a percentage of what we call aggregate discretionary revenues, this is our revenue sources, taxes,
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does not include federal and tax [inaudible] and the way these work, supervisors, when they were established, we took a snapshot as to how much general fund money these departments received during that year and we grow that amount based on the growth of these general fund revenues so in the current year for the municipal railway, we have approximately 154 million that is appropriated to them and an additional 58 million dollars for parking and traffic, similarly with the library, 53 million, children services, 115 and this particular baseline is the only one that we overfund that is we provide them with more dollars that is required by formula. the public education services baseline, we need to maintain the level of funding that was provided to the school during the years during that 6.7 million and then here are the amounts for the public
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education enrichment fund. so, taken together, all of these baselines amount to 450 million dollars of discretionary funds. and then similar to those baselines, we have others that are specified to be certain percentages of certain taxes, so you have parking tax and property tax are the ones, so mta receives 80% of parking tax in lieu, and what that means is that the parking tax comes into the general fund and we give mta general fund money in the same dollar amount, so that amounts to 61 million dollars, similarly with the library,
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2.5% of property tax, this is an additional 37 million, open space, 37 million, the children's fund of 44.7 million, the municipal symphony, 2 million, and then the hotel tax as we discussed earlier, 88 million that is then budgeted, 56 million of that is budgeted in the general fund. >> so, the open space fund is getting an additional 37 million this year, yes, this year? >> it is getting 37 million, it is not an additional, each year, it gets the percentage of property tax, 2.5% of property tax, so as property tax grows, the open space fund is lucky enough to grow with our largest growing general fund tax. >> got it. supervisor avalos? >> just a question on that, so
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we have the open space property tax set aside, 2.5% at 37.3 million, is there anything that protects overall funding within the rec and park department, like there's no baseline that protects the overall funding? >> they have the open space and they have the reserve where any money that is left at year-end from increased revenue or expenditure savings can be used the subsequent years so those are their two guarantees of certain kinds of funds. i might also add that the park and recreation fund is largely supported by their own fees so their general fund allocation, they do get a general fund allocation, but most of their revenue is taken from their fees. >> so, it works differently than say the children's fund and the baseline that goes along with the children's fund or that baseline protects
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funding in all departments and you can august lt with the children's fund, the rec and park doesn't have a baseline where you would augment with the open space? >> that's correct because the open space fund is separate from their operating fund, so the percentage of property tax, the 2.5% goes into the open space fund and that is in addition to anything that the recreation and park department receives in their fees and in general fund allocation for their operating costs. they do use -- >> the open space fund is used for operating as well. >> i was going to say, so the open space fund is used to operate only those facilities that were funded by the open space fund. so, if a park opens up with open space, then the maintenance of that park, the gardeners associated with that park can be funded through the open space fund. okay, and then there's some
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other services, staffing requirements, these are expenditure baselines, these are requirements that the city spent its money on providing certain types of services, the city services, auditor gets 2/10 of 1% of the city's budget, that amounts to 12 million, the human services agency has a homeless care fund of 13.7 million and that was based on a certain level of funding for homeless services at the time that this was approved. the office of economic analysis and the controller's office has about 400 thousand dollars, the police minimum staffing requirements that was passed in the charter many, many years ago requires 1971 full duty officers, i might add that in this budget year and in this past year, the city has likely not met that requirement but with the staffing plan that the
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mayor submitted in his budget that was approved in the year for a two year, we are moving toward full compliance to the staffing requirement. similarly, the fire houses, certain fire houses have to remain open and that has been met, a number of years ago, there was a treatment on demand ballot item that was approved by the voters but that was never funded to its fullest at the time and it continues not to be met, and the housing trust fund is the latest one and the proposal is to fund that one in next year's budget. and so that kind of completes the rules of baselines and set asides, we certainly can provide additional information to you or your offices or as you deliberate the budget, if you have questions about that, we carefully reviewed the
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amounts of money and the formulas, they're audited on an annual basis to be sure we're consistent with the requirements. >> thank you, colleagues, are there any questions at this time? okay, seeing none, thank you very much. at this point, i would like to open up to public comment, any members of the public, seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we have a motion to continue this ie tome to a call to the chair, so moved, we can do that without opposition, so moved. mr. clerk, do we have any other announcements? >> that completes the agenda. >> thank you very much, we are adjourned. (meeting is adjourned).
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>> -- to track stolen phones to be used in the field for other investigative purposes. that is approximately 977 dollars. >> you have a memo from the captain in your packets regarding this do nation. ironically to track cell phone thefts. is there anything you'd like to add? commissioners, questions or concerns? and is there any public comment regarding this matter. >> [inaudible] for quite a few times starting when he was the secretary for the police commission. i have a great deal of respect for him. i believe his promotion was well
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earned and i think in the [inaudible] if there's anybody in the department who would utilize this effectively it would be him. >> any further comments on this matter. hearing none, now closed. do i have a motion for acceptance. >> i move. >> all in favor. >> approved. line item number two. >> the public is now welcome to address items that do not appear on the agenda but are in the subject matter of the commission. on the police commission rules of order during public comment no commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. we should refrain from entering into
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debates with public. >> good evening. how are you. >> i am fine. you get to be both the cutest guy in the room and the most powerful. >> you made my day. thank you. >> i hope so. and hello to jen. i haven't seen you in a long time and i hope that you did have an opportunity to read a street sheet when he was captain at southwest station and i wrote an article for the coalition on homelessness street sheet and it was called hotel hell and it was about the baldwin hotel. and there's a wonderful picture of you and the caption is although frequent visitors to the hotel, police never pay the visitors fee. so i don't know if you ever got to see that but that was, like, a million years ago.
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the reason i'm here is that i want to nominate a person for what i call the citizen's appreciation loan ranger lunchbox award. the /p*eurs i would like to accommodate is our captain for doing his loan ranger bruce lee combo in taking down a perpetrator who decided to pray upon an 80-year-old man in a walker and assault him. i'm looking forward to working with captain
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redmond. i hope i never have to see him in action, just the results of his good work. so this made it into the chronicle and there are others appreciative of that. i, having been in a walker since 2005, feel vindicated, but sadly so 'cause that could have been me going down the street. so it's good to see all of you and i'm taking bruce lee and the loan ranger back home to my apartment where i'm always armed and dangerous. that was
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for officer julio [inaudible]. one of our finest. >> next speaker please. >> if you didn't find out we have a new pope and he has chosen a name of francis and he is from argentina so it is the first time a hope has been elected in the western hemisphere. last month someone took exception to some of my remarks. i'm amazed when someone challenges the actions of a police officer no one has the integrity to show up to
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offend their own actions. the reason that was filed against him is because the law strictly cites that it has to be an elected official or a department head and bottom-line i was in the military for quite a few years and one of the things i learned is the co is responsible for everything that goes on under his or her command. one of the comments that mr. [inaudible] made were regarding sergeant goss. he talked about all the expertise he had, experience, so forth,
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but sergeant goss for all his expeer seize cannot answer a simple idr in compliance with the law. some people say i want to embarrass people with my remarks. if the order is embarrassing, it is members of the legal division that have embarrassed the chief, not me. the simple fact that the legal division can't seem to accept a public records request and answer it on a timely basis is unacceptable. and the chief is responsible to see that all of the officers, all of the staff under his command follow the law. in in this case he did not. you can say you're just being picky, but on a nine to
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one vote turns out i was right, it was not responded to properly. in particular they question to him is if a member of the public wants to file an immediate disposal request by email, what email address should they use and he couldn't answer the question. >> next speaker. any further public comments and general public comment. hearing none, now closed. please call line item number three. >> review of recent activities regarding [inaudible] robberies and prevention forth quart /-r 2012. >> thank you members of the department and members of the public. i'm going to /ub date you on the recent events that have occurred in san francisco. as you know i'm filling in for
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chief [inaudible] in virginia. in addition to being in virginia he made a side trip to washington dc to talk about the bipartisan committee on gun violence and he stroke directly on a straw buying purchase that occurred in san francisco. i'll go through what the recent events that have been newsworthy from the chief's last report to this report, i'm happy to report that it's been relatively quiet. we have not had a homicide report. i still knock on wood for that. our violent crime has continued to decrease with the exception of our property crime and one of those crimes is gonna be discussed tonight regarding the robberies of iphones tonight
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and that type of thing. we seem to be up in robberies. they continue to be up and the presentation tonight will address that issue, along with prevention measures by the san francisco state division. some of the newsworthy events that have occurred was unfortunately we had a shooting on march 7th of bryant street. it occurred at 3:48 am. a male was shot in the torso. he was in his 30s, he was a passenger in a vehicle. the driver was not shot, the driver drove around looking for a hospital, flagged down a parking patrol officer mission in main, asked for directions to the hospital. they then stopped at davis and the victim was transported to san francisco general hospital. that is under investigation, we do not know the
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determination or cause of that shooting at this time. there was also a couple press releases. one was that there was an arrest made in san francisco regarding human trafficking and that is where a members of our special victims unit -- inspectors there -- the officers at richmond station and the fbi conducting investigation on prostitution of a minor. there was an arrangement made with the minor in the rich land district there where investigation was conducted and two male suspects were arrested for human trafficking. another news media that was unfortunate was we had attack of a 2-year-old toddler in golden gate park at the children's playground
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carousel where a female 28 yores old literally kicked a toddler that wasn't 2 years old. the officers responded from park station and did a wonderful job and table to take the suspect into custody. the 2-year-old girl was gonna be a flower girl in a wedding. she did not offer serious injuries at all, but just the emotional trauma to her is gonna be quite concerning to us. once again, an arrest was made in that. as the chief reported last week the public safety hub on the sixth street corridor was opened. as soon as it was op

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